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Spotting high-pressure sales scams
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Spotting high pressure sales scams

BE VERY SUSPICIOUS if you notice any of the following high-pressure sales tricks when you are shopping for your windows:

The lead setter requires both husband and wife to be there for the sales presentation. 

They start the sales presentation by telling you how busy they are. They are implying that they couldn’t fit a second visit and that you need to make a decision now.  

You feel uncomfortable or guilty. High pressure sales people are good at making you feel ashamed about not purchasing the best product on the market from the best company.

They get you to agree to a "What if" deal: They say "What if I could lower the price, would you buy it then?" Don’t be surprised when the price magically drops.

They "call the boss" for a lower price because they "like" you, they want to meet a monthly quota, they will use your home in an advertising campaign ....  This price they are calling for is good only if you sign the contract today.

They question your integrity, or make you feel bad by saying you aren’t their "friend," suggesting that you’re not good for your word, or that you wouldn’t know a deal if it jumped up and bit you.

You lose money if you don’t buy NOW. When you tell them you are still shopping, they offer a huge "Sign Now Discount."

Beware of hype which builds mountains ouf of mole hills.  Vinyl is vinyl, glass is glass, and spacer bars are covered with adhesive so that they contribute very little to the thermal rating of the windows.  One vinyl window is like the next.  For a modest gain in thermal efficency choose the options of argon gas and triple low-e coating.  It should not add more than an average of $50 per window—their cost averages under $25. 

They are pushy and will not take “no” for an answer.  They will ask at least 3 times for you to make a purchase decision now.



IMPORTANT: You may have three days under California law to cancel your contract, but you must do it in writing. Questions? 619-881-UCAN.   

For the purchased of 10 vinyl windows the cost should average under $600/window. 

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