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Referal letter, Petrowski

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973 La Tierra drive

San Marcos, CA 92078-4647


 January 19, 2010

A Plus Windows

614 South Cleveland Street

Oceanside, CA


Dear Sir:

The purpose of this letter is to express my satisfaction with the performance of your windows installation team.  I was very pleased with the professionalism and diligence each member displayed.  It was apparent that Kyle, the team leader, had trained his assistants thoroughly, as each performed their individual tasks flawlessly and with dispatch.

It should be noted that upon completion of the window installation the crew turned to and removed all the debris and restored each room to their original condition.

PLEASE pass my compliments on to Kyle, Sean and Andy for a job well done.


E.L. Petrowski

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March 10, 2010

A Plus Windows

614 South Cleveland Street

Oceanside, CA


Dear Mr. Kahn, President:

In January 2010 I had written a referral letter expressing my complete satisfaction as to the professionalism & quality work of A Plus Windows installation crew headed by Kyle and his able crew.

This time I am writing to thank Mr. Kahn for his honesty.

In January I had mailed two payments a few days apart, then made a subsequent payment of $1200 at the end of February.  Mr. Kahn recognizing this was an over payment promptly returned my erroneous payment.

This is one more reason I am thankful that I had chosen A plus Windows.  It was apparent, during the job interview leading to their selection; they displayed the kind of attitude and values that is becoming a rare quality today.  I highly recommend A Plus Windows.


E.L. Petrowski


Originals on file with A Plus Windows--faxed to office.  They were too poor of quality to copy and reproduce. 


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